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Talk today about FiltaFry. We got FiltaFry here. I started at this account about a year, a little over a year ago. And we were changing oil every single day, burning through the oil. We’re open from 5 o’clock in the morning when my cooks get here and the fryers get turned on, all the way through our midnight shift. And the fryers that we have are just going through oil like crazy.

So we reached out to FiltaFry. They came in, and we’re able to get an entire week out of our oil. It’s been fantastic. Initially I thought if we could just offset the cost of getting the fryers filtered and cleaned and get the safety aspect of it, and get the labor aspect taken off, my cooks aren’t spending that much time with it, that it would be good enough. But we’ve actually been able to save money in the long run on top of.

Now my cooks don’t have to worry about cleaning them. They don’t have to worry about taking the time to drop the oil. The safety hazard is out of the way. There’s no mess. We don’t have grease all over the floor. It’s really been great. It’s been a great addition. We were able to reach out to the guys around us and the other hostels, let them know what a great job that they do. As soon as we asked them to come down, they jumped right all over it and visited with the other accounts, got them rolling. Everybody’s been really pleased across this region.


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