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Cooking Oil Prices Have Doubled but Filta Helps Save by Reducing Labor Costs and Micro-Filtering to Make It Last Significantly Longer

The price of vegetable oil has more than doubled since the pandemic began and many commercial kitchens have taken a hit on their profitability as well as scrambled to find cooking oil for their fryers. Filta is watching a nationwide cooking oil shortage, somewhat reminiscent of the early pandemic toilet paper stockpiling, and many of our clients know the best way navigate this squeeze on resources is to extend the life of their oil by micro-filtering instead of dumping.

“We’re all dealing with challenges and repercussions as the world emerges from the pandemic,” said Tom Dunn, CEO of Filta. “If all commercial kitchens would start a professional fryer management program, we could at least alleviate two pain points for them: oil and labor costs while also providing consistent food quality and creating sustainability in their organization.”

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the price index for oilseeds rose for twelve consecutive months. The price of soybean oil alone went from $.25 per pound on average in May 2020 to $.64 in June 2021.

“Like everything else, our industry is at the mercy of supply and demand economics and we’re seeing more and more reports of cooking oil shortages,” Dunn said. “We know that labor and oil costs are the main pain points for commercial kitchens. We can offer immediate help with both by working with kitchens to see how and what they cook and then putting together a service program of micro-filtration and fryer management. This extends the life of this increasingly expensive commodity to get the maximum financial and environmental benefits. If you add in the labor savings when a trained Filta tech instead of an hourly employee works on the fryer, and you have an obvious win-win.”

If a kitchen could stretch its existing oil safely and reliably with micro-filtration, cutting just one dump cycle per week, it’s easy to see how the Filta service can pay for itself. In addition to the cost benefit of reducing consumption, customers are given reports that show their measurable impact on the environment.

See more information and a complete press release here about Filta’s industry leading service in light of the current cooking oil shortages.

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