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Former Restaurant Owner Acquires Filta Franchise In Western Massachusetts

Former Restaurant Owner Acquires Filta Franchise In Western Massachusetts

Orlando, Florida (August 2, 2017) – Filta Environmental Kitchen solutions, the world leader in commercial fryer and cooking oil management is pleased to announce the Western Massachusetts franchise has been acquired by West Springfield, MA resident, Dan Sullivan. Sullivan previously worked in commercial automotive retail sales and was also in the restaurant business for 10 years.

Being a former restaurant owner, Sullivan recognized the great value of Filta’s services as soon as he found out about the company. “I used to own a restaurant and fryers were my biggest source of pain. You had to filter them, boil them out, clean them and everything else that goes with that. No one likes doing it because it’s a dirty job. I saw an ad for Filta and was like—where were they when I owned a restaurant?,” said Sullivan.

One of Sullivan’s largest customers is Six Flags New England, which has over 80 fryers throughout the park. With Filta’s services, Six Flags employees no longer have to clean the fryers, perform boil outs, or carry hot oil outside in large pots, it’s all done by Filta’s trained technicians. This helps reduce accidents, improve food quality, eliminate the need for waste oil bins, and allows park employees to focus on providing an excellent customer experience. Not to mention, Filta’s services help save money and the environment by extending the life of cooking oil with a patented micro-filtration process and by recycling the waste oil into biodiesel.

And, while Six Flags is a great example, you don’t need a large number of fryers to benefit from Filta’s services. Anyone with a fryer—from quick service restaurants to college cafeterias—can improve their operations by outsourcing all of the painful aspects of frying. In fact, just about any commercial kitchen can see big improvements by utilizing Filta’s full line of eco-friendly commercial kitchen services.

“Having owned a restaurant, and having to deal with fryers, employees, burns, spills, etc. It’s a job that people hate to do, but it has to be done. I can feel what restaurant owners and chefs go through since I was in the business myself,” said Sullivan.

If you’d like to learn more, Filta offers a free no-obligation site evaluation for those looking to maximize the performance of their commercial kitchen. To schedule a site evaluation, you can reach Dan Sullivan at (413) 327-4529 or via email at

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