FiltaFry | Service Benefits

Active Fryer Management Service

Cooking Oil Savings

Oil is an expensive consumable that has a limited lifespan. Crumbs, salt, and other impurities introduced to the oil through the deep frying process, reduce the lifespan of the oil, requiring frequent oil changes.

  • FiltaFry saves the customer money by micro-filtering impurities out of the oil, which extends its usefulness.
  • FiltaFry’s micro-filtration process can reduce the original oil disposal amount by 50%.
  • FiltaGold Saves time with fills and top-ups

Increased Food Quality

  • The FiltaFry service is performed during a convenient and opportune time to extend the life of premium cooking oil.
  • We will remove over 99% of carbon from fryers, resulting in a consistently superior food product.

Increased Employee Safety

  • Filta’s kitchen-staff-training programs develop better oil care techniques and habits.
  • Reduce burns, by limiting employee fryer management.
  • Decrease employee slip & falls, by keeping the area clean from oil spills and other hazardous materials.
  • Increase restaurant profits by reducing insurance claims.
Burns & Injuries
Restaurants experience a 25% savings when they report low to average injuries. A difference in the restaurant payout average approximately $1,400 per year. Department of labor & Industries
Slips & Falls
Restaurants paid out on average, $5,386 per establishment for slips and falls each year. Restaurant Insurance Corporation – 11/2006

“I highly recommend the Filta Fryer Management Program if you are seeking improved quality of food, team member safety, environmental conservation, increased equipment life, and an overall reduction in operating costs.”

Buffalo Wild Wings

“Filta has extended the life of our grease on a regular basis, and have also reduced the liability of employees hurting themselves when doing a boil-out or having to handle the grease
that much more often”

Texas Roadhouse